All Metals Fabricating had the privilege of helping International Biomedical move production units of their AirBorne 750i Transport Incubator from India to All Metals Fabricating headquarters in Allen, Texas.

A neonatal transport incubator is an ambulatory or intra-hospital, enclosed apparatus that used in a medical or hospital setting to monitor premature or sick newborns by controlling the environment primarily by heated air within the enclosure.

Neonatal incubators address the critical areas of assessment and treatment of newborns and are designed for use by clinicians as they provide care in the critical minutes and hours following delivery and before hospital discharge.

Features of the AirBorne 750i Transport Incubator:

The AirBorne 750i Transport Incubator provides transport of high-risk, premature, low birth-weight, or critically ill newborns. It provides a means to control air temperature, oxygen concentrations, and relative humidity. A double-walled chamber permits 360-degree visibility and provides an effective thermal and sound barrier from the environment. Hand ports and door panels provide head and front access, and pressure diffusing access for comfortability. Additional components include access ports for IV and respiratory tubing, and a high-intensity exam light with LED light bar.

Standard features of the Airborne 750i Transport Incubator include:

  • Large double-wall chamber with 360* visibility
  • Head and front access doors
  • 2 hand ports on front door
  • 2 hand ports on back of infant chamber
  • 5 access ports for IV/ respiratory tubing
  • Slide out intubation tray
  • High-intensity exam light with LED light bar
  • Extended life battery
  • Skin temperature probe
  • Large LED display
  • Humidification reservoir
  • IV pole
  • 2 pairs of infant positioning straps
  • Power cord wrap
  • Cylinder mounts

About International Biomedical:

International Biomedical is the world leader in designing and building systems for transporting premature and sick newborns and pediatric patients. These customizable transport systems begin with a broad selection of standard products that may be modified and combined to meet the specific challenges of the different transport environments: intra-hospital, rotary and fixed wing aircraft, and ground ambulance.

Neonatal transport incubator
Neonatal transport incubator