CNC punching services
All Metals Fabricating provides a wide range of capabilities to meet all of your CNC punching needs.

Our state-of-the-art CNC turret punch presses can process the most intricate formed features, perforations and patterns with high speed precision. Our CNC punching department consists of 4 punch presses including two Amada EMK 3610NT Turret Punch Presses equipped with large brush tables that can accommodate a 60” x 100” sheet size without repositioning and a maximum sheet thickness of 0.187”. These advanced machines have a 33-ton ram that delivers superior edge quality and accuracy and use twin AC servo drives directly coupled to the drive shaft, which provide optimum stroke length & the highest real-world hit rates and ram positioning accuracy. All Metals can bring a vast array of capabilities to your projects including piercing, tapping, embossments, nibbling, coining, louvering and more. Our extensive library of productivity-enhancing tooling reduces secondary operations, which saves our customers time and money. From standard perforated metal sheets to complex, intricately designed parts, you can trust All Metals Fabricating to deliver superior quality, precision-cut results that exceed your expectations.