Founded in 1953, All Metals Fabricating has been serving customers with excellence by providing them with complete manufacturing solutions through precision sheet metal fabricating and machining services.

Our capabilities

The History of All Metals Fabricating

All Metals Fabricating first opened in 1953 as a sheet metal shop with only a handful of capabilities, but that excelled at what they did. Bill Thrailkill purchased the company in 1978, and in his first year as president of All Metals Fabricating, quadrupled the company’s sales and established a reputation for dependability, outstanding performance, and excellent customer service that still resonates today. Bill’s son, William “Billy” Thrailkill, Jr., joined All Metals in May 1979 and remains the business’s president. Now in its third generation, All Metals is under the leadership of CEO and majority owner Lance Thrailkill, Bill’s grandson and Billy’s son, as well as fellow third generation owner, Will Rushing, who is also Bill’s grandson and Billy’s nephew. 

Through the example set by these hard working men of integrity, All Metals Fabricating runs on the foundation of strong, shared values that define our company culture and guide our decisions, actions, and the way we do business. We are passionate about serving our customers’ needs and dedicated to empowering our customers to succeed and grow their businesses. Through the values we live by every day, we have fostered strong, long-term relationships of mutual respect and trust with our customers, employees, and vendors.

The Core Values of Our Sheet Metal Fab & Precision Machine Shop

Whatever it takes - core values We Care More - Core ValuesRelentless Pursuit of Excellence - Core ValuesInnovation Core ValuesIntegrity Core Values

1. Whatever It Takes!

We are hardworking. Our can do attitude encourages us to take on customers’ jobs, no matter how large or small.

We want to prove that we can do anything for you. As a customer-driven company, we are dedicated to adding value to customer relationships. We work closely with our customers to understand their exact needs and determine the right approach for their project. Our product design and engineering team, for one, offers DFM tips to improve machinability and cut down on costs.

We are dependable. You can rely on us to handle your tight tolerances and deliver products in efficient lead times.

2. Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

We are focused on quality. In all areas of production, from tube laser cutting to press brake forming, we have a keen attention to detail and eagerness to produce the highest quality final product possible.

We are never satisfied, never complacent, until we get the job done perfectly.

We have a breadth of knowledge and experience in a variety of industries, including:

3. We Care More!

We care for our people. We continually invest in our greatest asset: our employees. Our commitment to the development and satisfaction of our employees is demonstrated by the fact that the average employee experience at All Metals is 15 years. We support our employees by providing them with the best equipment, a safe and enjoyable work environment, and a shared desire to meet and exceed customer expectations.

We care for our customers. Many of our customers have been partnering with us for over 20 years. We value their trust in our ability to meet their needs and are thankful for the opportunity to serve them. The satisfaction of our long-term customers is a strong indication that we provide an extremely high quality standard while maintaining competitive pricing.

4. Innovation

We are open minded and opportunistic, prepared to take on new challenges facing our customers and their industries.

We are forward thinking. We have steadily expanded our sheet metal fabricating and  precision machining capabilities and services to better serve our customers’ needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide the perfect backdrop  for our ongoing investment in the most advanced technology and equipment.

5. Integrity in Everything We Do

At the heart of everything we do in our sheet metal shop is our candor and transparency. We act with uncompromising integrity in all that we do and treat others as we expect to be treated: with respect, fairness, and honesty

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