From our powerful deburring equipment to our powder paint company to our strategic partnerships with other plating and finishing vendors, All Metal Fabricating provides our customers with excellent, affordable solutions to give their products the exact finish they need.

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Put our Metal Finishing Equipment to Work for You

We recently purchased a Lissmac SBM-M 1500 S2, because we want the best for our customers, and Lissmac leads the industry with their innovative deburring equipment. It is the most effective possible sheet metal processing machine with two-sided deburring and edge rounding of laser-, plasma- or thermal-cut work pieces in a single work process. In contrast with conventional grinders, Lissmac systems win over customers with more efficient processing times and working time savings of up to 60%. Not only does the machine give an attractive finish to the products, but the cost benefit is passed directly down to our customers.

We also have a  Midwest Nautilus 3775 N3 - 3 headed belt sander with edge rounding and scotchbrite polishing all in one pass and a Ramco 50″ belt sander, which are used to remove burrs and provide beautiful, high quality grain finishes. 

Our Pauli & Griffen sand blaster and rock tumbling machines give us a variety of other options to provide the most efficient solution to fit our customers’ needs.

Our Partner Business

All Metals Fabricating purchased All Powder Coat and Screen, then called WBT Paint, in 2002 so that we could more effectively serve our customers. Powder coating has several advantages, including efficiency and durability, making it an excellent choice for metal fabrication projects. APCS has worked with sheet metal fab shops for over 40 years, so they have extensive experience and knowledge that can help our customers acquire the most attractive products for the best prices.

To better serve our customers and ensure exceptional quality, All Powder Coat and Screen has purchased state-of-the-art inspection equipment, including:

Finishing Services from All Powder Coat and Screen

APCS started its business with a specialization in wet paint, but it has evolved its service offerings to include:

Our Work with Other Vendors

In our 70 years in the business, we have also established trusted strategic partnerships with local plating companies that allow us to provide our customers with the quickest turnaround and best prices, for any of their finishing needs.

Make All Metals Fabricating your first choice in servicing your metal fabrication needs.

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