All Metals Fabricating is among the most comprehensive manufacturing companies providing performance-enhancing workflow solutions and cost-effective products to customers in the banking and sorting industries.

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Contract Manufacturing for Financial Services

Our extensive customer base gives All Metals the privilege of manufacturing a number of products, such as…

With increasing demands on today’s financial institutions to re-imagine traditional banking models, All Metals Fabricating is committed to overcoming these challenges by redefining cash delivery systems and banking and sorting equipment. Through the powerful application of advanced technology, AMF can help financial institutions address some of the most critical industry-related business priorities to produce the highest-quality equipment that fulfills the need for improved operational efficiency and optimal consumer experience.

A Success Story, from DFM to Machining

One of our partners is a developer of global currency counting machinery. We manufacture many components and sub-assemblies of their product line for them. The All Metals design team works with the group that develops the frames for their equipment and “revises the design” to utilize slot and tab assembly methodology to help streamline the fixturing process, which in turn streamlines the welding process. The resulting frame designs are shared with them, and they incorporate the revisions into their documentation package for the equipment.

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