Precision Bending & Forming
All Metals Fabricating has the experience, highly skilled team and advanced equipment to meet all of your precision bending and forming needs.

From simple 90 degree bends to complex sequences with multiple bends, our array of precision forming equipment provides maximum flexibility in all bending operations for both prototype and production jobs. Our talented team operates state-of-the-art CNC press brakes with varied tonnages and tooling options, allowing us to consistently provide customers with accuracy and close tolerance repeatability of intricately formed parts. We offer precision forming services in steel, aluminum, galvanized and stainless as well as copper and various types of polycarbs. Our press brakes handle sheet sizes up to 120” in length and have the capability of bending material ranging from 26 gauge to 0.25” thick depending on tonnage requirements. Equipped with advanced CNC and backgauge controls, our press brakes offer unparalleled performance and guarantee a level of precision and versatility that is unbeatable. We also offer rolling services and can roll up to ¼” mild steel, 24” wide into a minimum diameter of 15”. With a wide range of precision forming capabilities and highly skilled team of operators, we provide customers with exceptional service and high quality, cost-efficient forming solutions that meet their unique requirements.