Oil, Gas, & ALternative Energies
We are proud to be engaged with companies in the alternative energy industry.

In the solar energy market, we are a manufacturing and logistical partner with an industry leader based on the West Coast. We manufacture all the mounting bracketry and accessories used in mounting their solar panels and arrays. Additionally, we build and wire their electrical combiner boxes complete to the point where they are ready for field installation. We completely test, inspect, kit and ship directly to the end customer coordinating shipment timing with the products shipped by the customer to ensure all shipments arrive on the job site at the same time. In the wind energy arena, we have helped an industry leader move some production from Central America to the United States and have become their manufacturer and logistical partner based in the middle of the continental US. The All Metals design team worked extensively with them to optimize the design of their large electrical enclosures to optimize the material utilization as well as reduce the cost and improve their logistical performance.