All Metals Fabricating is a full-service Dallas, Texas sheet metal fabrication shop, providing added-value precision CNC machining services that save our customers time and money.

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Precision CNC Machining at All Metals Fabricating

CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, machining involves the use of computerized systems to control machine tools such as mills, lathes, and 5-axis machines. These machines precisely cut and shape raw materials such as sheet metal into intricate components with exacting specifications.

Mills create parts by removing material using rotary cutters to fabricate parts like brackets and housings. On the other hand, lathes specialize in turning cylindrical parts, crucial for producing shafts, rods, and bushings.

Our team specializes in precision machining high-quality parts with impressive tolerances and handling a wide range of sizes. From mills that can handle parts up to 59” x 29” to lathes capable of turning parts from 0.25” to 10” in diameter. Additionally, our 5-axis machines provide the flexibility for more complex part geometrics.

CNC machined part with complex geometries
CNC machined part

Our capabilities include:

• Turning
• Milling
• Drilling
• Sawing
• Countersinking
• And more

We have the most stringent order acceptance criteria of any precision sheet metal fabrication company. Our order acceptance rate exceeds 99%!

The video above shows our high-speed Leadwell V-40iT 3+2 Axis Mill in action! The ability to machine five sides results in faster production times while maintaining accuracy. The Leadwell V-40iT has a large Axis travel capacity (24”, 25”, 21”, 360° & +120°/-30°), a max RPM of 12,000 and a capacity of 40 tools.

Our CNC Machining Capabilities

Whether your machining needs are simple or complex, All Metals Fabricating has the people, equipment, and efficiency to meet your unique requirements for your CNC parts.


  • Precision machine parts require tight tolerances. Our team can comfortably machine parts with tolerances of +/- 0.003”.
  • We are capable of achieving tolerances down +/- 5 µm.


  • Our mills can machine parts up to 59” x 29”.
  • Our lathes can turn parts from 0.25” to 10” in diameter and up to 30” long.
  • Our 5-axis machines can accommodate parts up to 24” x 25” x 21”.
Group of circular machined parts

In addition to providing machining services for projects with traditional metal materials like steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, and copper, we also excel in plastic machining.

Quality Assurance

  • At AMF, producing high-quality parts is the responsibility of every employee, which is why we build quality assurance into every step of our process, from quoting to delivery.
  • We base our machining processes on ISO requirements and regularly train our staff in ISO standards.

Key Machine Attributes and Their Industry Applications

CNC machining provides a variety of uses for many industries, from dental equipment to spinning wheel rims to cite just a few. We have many different CNC machines to handle your fabrication needs.

Large Axis Travel Capacity
For instance, our Leadwell V60 with 59”, 29”, 27” axis travel is ideal for large flat plate work, while the Kitamura 4-axis horizontal double pallet with 28”, 24”, 24”, and 360° axis travel can efficiently handle the complex and large infrastructure components typically required by the aerospace and transport industries. 

High RPMs
Higher RPMs allow for faster machining, which is crucial for high-volume production runs and achieving tight tolerances. Our machines like the Kitamura 4XiD and Leadwell V-40iT with 12,000 RPMs are ideal for such tasks. We can achieve rapid production of small intricate parts such as secure locks for the banking industry; as well as machine valves, pipes and fittings for oil and gas projects that require high precision and smooth finishes. 

High Tool Capacity 
A higher tool capacity allows for complex parts to be machined in a single setup, which reduces downtime and increases throughput. Machines with higher tool capacities, such as our Kitamura 2XD double pallet and the Kitamura 4XiD, both with 50 tools, can handle a wider variety of operations without the need for frequent tool changes, enhancing productivity. We recently purchased a DMG NLX 2500SY Dual Spindle Lathe with a 4th axis for machining capabilities.  This machine allows you to make the most complex lathe parts in just a single set up, meaning our customers enjoy the benefit of this increased efficiency in manufacturing their parts. 

With our experienced machinists and CNC technology, we produce parts promptly and with the highest quality, while offering unmatched cost savings and productivity. Our expertise and capabilities make us a go-to choice for your precision manufacturing needs. Get started by requesting a quote today.

Make All Metals Fabricating your first choice in servicing your metal fabrication needs.

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Precision CNC Machining at All Metals Fabricating