Capability Spotlight: In-House Precision Machining

July 2, 2024

At All Metals Fabricating, we pride ourselves on providing customers with a complete manufacturing solution. Our joint sheet metal and precision machining shop can competently take your idea from prototype to full-scale production and assembly. 

We do our best work when customers trust us with their sheet metal and machining needs. Having complete control over quality, lead times, and final assembly streamlines the entire prototype-to-production process and saves customers time and money.

But we know that in a room full of engineers, numbers speak for themselves. Here’s a rundown of our robust precision machining capabilities to illustrate how AMF can meet your needs.

Our Precision Machine Shop Goes Beyond the Standard

When most sheet metal shops advertise machining capabilities, they’re typically referring to one or two machines that can perform basic machining but not much more.

That’s not the case at AMF.

We have the capabilities of a full-service machine shop, including CNC mills, lathes, and 5-axis machines. Our precision machine shop can produce nearly any part that fits within our size dimensions:

  • Our mills can machine parts up to 59” x 29”
  • Our lathes can turn parts from 0.25” to 10” in diameter and up to 30” long
  • Our 5-axis machines can accommodate parts up to 24” x 25” x 21” 

Precision machining materials 

We regularly machine various materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, and copper. Unlike many precision machine shops, we also excel at plastic machining! 

Tolerancing capabilities

We know many precision machined parts require tight tolerances. Our team can comfortably machine parts with tolerances of +/- 0.003” and is capable of achieving tolerances down to +/- 5 µm.

Machine Specifications

We’ve purposefully invested in machines that can ace challenging parts with complex features and tight tolerances because that’s the work our young, eager team is looking for.

Here’s some more information about our nine different CNC machines:

Kitamura 2XD double pallet

The Kitamura 2XD Double Pallet is a 3-axis vertical mill with a loading side. This feature allows operators to change parts while the machine is running, making it ideal for large production jobs.

  • Axis travel capacity (X, Y & Z): 23”, 20”, 20”
  • Max RPM: 12,000
  • Capacity: 50 tools

Leadwell V20

The Leadwell V20 is a 3-axis vertical mill suitable for small parts.

  • Axis travel capacity (X, Y & Z): 20”, 13”, 10”
  • Max RPM: 8,000
  • Capacity: 20 tools

Leadwell V60

The Leadwell V60 is a 3-axis vertical mill with two vacuum fixtures, making it excellent for flat plate work.

  • Axis travel capacity (X, Y & Z): 59”, 29”, 27”
  • RPM: 8,000
  • Capacity: 24 tools

Kitamura 4XiD

The Kitamura 4XiD is a 3-axis vertical mill with a built-in thermo-comp and is ideal for parts with tight tolerances. 

  • Axis travel capacity (X, Y & Z): 40”, 19”, 16”
  • Max RPM: 12,000
  • Capacity: 50 tools

Kitamura 4-axis horizontal double pallet

The Kitamura 4-axis Horizontal Double Pallet is a 4-axis horizontal mill with a loading side for part change during operation and an 8-station tower. This machine is perfect for large production jobs.

  • Axis travel capacity (X, Y, Z & B): 28”, 24”, 24”, 360°
  • Max RPM: 12,000
  • Capacity: 50 tools

Leadwell V-40iT 3+2-axis mill

The Leadwell V-40iT 3+2 Axis Mill is a 3+2-axis mill. The ability to machine five sides results in faster production times.

  • Axis travel capacity (X, Y, Z, C & A): 24”, 25”, 21”, 360° & +120°/-30°
  • Max RPM: 12,000
  • Capacity: 40 tools

Hitachi Seiki 2-axis lathe

The Hitachi Seiki 2-axis lathe excels at turning small parts. 

  • Axis travel capacity (X & Z): 8” and 21”
  • Max RPM: 2,500
  • Capacity: 10 tools

Leadwell LTC-25AM lathe

The Leadwell LTC-25AM lathe is a 3-axis lathe with live tooling, eliminating the need for a second operation.

  • Axis travel capacity (X, Z, & C): 8”, 21”, & 360°
  • Max RPM: 3,000 on spindle, 4,000 on live tooling
  • Capacity: 12 tools

DMG-MORI sub-spindle lathe

The DMG-MORI sub-spindle lathe is a two-spindle lathe with turning and milling options, simplifying multiple setup parts into one.

  • Axis travel capacity (X, Z, Y & C): 10”, 31”, +/- 2”, 360°
  • Max RPM: 4,000 on spindle 1 and 2, 6,000 on live tooling
  • Capacity: 24 tools

Choose AMF for Texas Machining Services

Our extensive machining capabilities are a hidden gem at AMF. Working with one shop for sheet metal and precision machining services will save time and money. Plus, we guarantee you’ll be able to tell the difference in quality.

With our experienced machinists and robust CNC machining technology, we produce parts promptly and with the highest quality. Our precision machine shop has plenty of capacity and a young, hungry team eager for challenges, from complex features to tight tolerances.

Take advantage of our precision machining services for your next order. Request a quote today.