At All Metals Fabricating, our expert laser cutting department is equipped with state-of-the-art Trumpf and Bystronic CNC laser cutting systems, which offer high precision profiles across a variety of materials including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

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Laser Cutting Services at All Metals Fabricating

Laser cutting is an extremely effective process for cutting plate or sheet metal and an excellent solution for customers working with difficult profiles requiring tight tolerances and high speed cutting. A high-powered laser beam is used to cut or engrave products using high-fidelity optics. Our laser cutting services give our customers the advantages of extreme accuracy, material maximization, the elimination of hard tooling, and the ability to accommodate creative geometry design and thicker materials.

Our Laser Cutting Machining Capabilities

All Metals Fabricating operates a Bystronic 3-axis laser cutting systems that feature automated material handling, which enables us to rapidly load and unload full sheets as large as 120” X 60”. With minimal set-up time and off-line programming capabilities, our laser cutting systems are perfect for both prototype and production jobs. Using our Bystronic Bystar precision laser, we can maintain accuracy to +/- 0.005 while cutting materials ranging from 0.010″ to 0.625” thick. We typically cut aluminum up to 0.375” thick and steel and stainless steel up to 0.625” thick.

We also have a Trumpf 8kw 5030 fiber laser that is the fastest and best laser cutting machine in the world of sheet metal fab. Equipped with our TruDisk 8001 and highly dynamic drives, you can confidently achieve reliable and highly productive processes for the full range of sheet thicknesses. With a laser power of up to 8000 watts, this solid state laser even cuts stainless steel up and aluminum up to 1.5 inches thick, and carbon steel up to 1” thick. Designed for maximum capacity utilization, the machines reach axis speeds of 11,811 in/min. All Metals has paired this machine with a partsmaster for automatic part unloading and separating to allow us to run most efficiently during shift. We also added a 31 shelf TruStore tower, which allows us to run lights out manufacturing production. The precision, speed, and versatility of our high wattage CNC laser cutting systems enable us to provide our customers with excellent, cost-efficient solutions, quick turnaround and superior quality results.

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