tube laser cutting
High Speed and Accurate Cutting Improves Production While Lowering Labor Costs!

high precision cutting method

Laser cutting machines have been used widely in electronics, electrical and mechanical hardware, new energy lithium, packaging, solar, LED, automotive, and other industries.When it comes to cutting, laser cutting is much better than traditional cutting methods.The reason for this is that laser cutting is much more precise than traditional cutting methods. The focusing accuracy of a laser cutter is 0.05 mm, with the repetition focusing accuracy at 0.02 mm. Not only is the laser cutter more precise, but it also operates much faster than traditional cutting methods.

Strong flexibility, advanced processing technology, and extensive processing materials also make this tube laser stand out from the competition. As if the performance of the laser isn’t enough, this laser also has energy-saving and environmental protection properties! This tube laser meets the parts processing requirements of most industries, as well as a cutting-edge optical concept which improves cutting performance.

Product parameters

• Model: T230A
• Working Area: 6500mm
• X/Y-axis positioning accuracy: 0.05mm
• X/Y-axis repositioning accuracy: 0.03mm
• X-axis max. Moving speed: 95 m/min
• Y-axis max. Moving speed: 70 m/min
• Processable tube types: Round tube, square tube, regular tube (option: channel steel, angle steel)
• The maximum cutting area of the T-series round pipe is 20 -230 mm.
• The square tube is 20×20-160×160 mm.
• The maximum material length is 6500 mm.
• The maximum material weight is 200 kg 30 kg/ m.
• The thickness maximum capability is 0.25” and the diameter is 9”

It’s suitable for more pipe sizes and heavyweight pipes which is why the T-series has a wider application scope.

Features & benefits

Our Tube Laser is going to give you the most perfect cut for the material you’re using it on, here’s why…

large diameter

Our tube laser has increased in size by 30%! This increases the variety of sizes and weights you can use to cut your pipes.

ui design - ultra clear touch control

Our tube laser is the first one in the world to use a UI design that will allow the display to respond to the processing table.The ability for the display to respond to the processing table makes the processing more intuitive.
The design includes…
High-definition capacitive 10 points touch screen
• Elegant curves that fit the machine body precisely
• Strong, waterproof, and breathable
• Diamond cutting process
• HD plasma tempered glass that makes the screen more comfortable to use
The use of the UI design creates a more enjoyable work experience which will improve moods and increase work efficiency.

fully automatic electric chuck

The fully automatic electric chuck has a long working life and high work reliability.
Among its features are…
Claw DC motor drive
• Sensitive clamping motor
• Non-destructive pipe clamping
• Fast, automatic centering
• Larger and wider clamping force
• Strong dynamic performance
• Gear transmission mode
• Higher transmission efficiency
• Low rotation inertia
• Stable performance

Bodor pro 1.0

With a new graphics rending and presentation, pipe parts are able to realize dual display as flat and three-dimensional.
Among its features are...
Simple and quick plane retouching
• Three-dimensional synchronous display
• Higher cutting accuracy and accuracy stability from optimized edges searching mode
• 4-sided searching
• Low-pressure alarm function


The design for this tube laser was made to keep aesthetics and technology in mind.

other functions

This tube laser offers a more comfortable working position as well as a more stable performance. Other functions include...

auxiliary function mechanism

The friction between the parts and the table is reduced with the promotion and demotion of a subsidiary roller table. This makes loading and unloading much more convenient.

intelligent travel protection

With this tube laser, you can automatically monitor the operation range of the crossbeam and cutting parts. This keeps the machine operating within range. Additionally, there is a double guarantee that fixed limitation greatly improves equipment and personal safety.

automatic lubrication system

The automatic lubricating system provides timing and ration lubricating oil for the equipment to ensure high-speed operation. It includes a function with a liquid level alarm, as well as an abnormal alarm. This greatly increases cutting accuracy and extends the life of the mechanism.

wifi remote intelligence assistance

With global, real-time feedback, real-time fault analysis and troubleshooting has never been easier.

a new generation of safety following module

Keeping the laser head at a distance from the workpiece will reduce collision risks. The device will also stop cutting when it collides with the plate. This module reduces the accident rate while improving cutting performance.

intelligent alarm system

If the equipment is abnormal then the system will start a full abnormal alarm, pushing it through the interface to the control center. Finding abnormalities in the equipment early on is essential for reducing hidden dangers and improving the equipment’s efficiency.
Other functions include…
Auxiliary gas low-pressure alarm function
• Real-time pressure detection
• Great cutting performance

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