hardware & electromechanical assembly
All Metals Fabricating provides value added assembly services that offer unique flexibility to meet each customer’s special requirements.

We work closely with our customers to understand their exact needs and provide a customized solution that ensures a superior quality product for the most efficient price. From simple subassemblies to complete turnkey production assemblies, All Metals Fabricating has the experience and capabilities to meet all of your assembly and integration needs for prototype and production runs. We provide a variety of assembly services, including mechanical assembly, electro-mechanical assembly and complete product assembly and integration.

Our hardware and assembly department is equipped with a team of highly skilled professionals and multiple Haeger robotic hardware insertion machines that can install a variety of hardware, including standoffs, studs, flush nuts, threaded nuts and rivets and more.

All Metals Fabricating offers significant expertise in undertaking complex assembly to the highest standards. We successfully assemble parts fabricated in-house and integrate sub assemblies or other components provided by customers. All Metals can also procure any additional products that are required, per customer specifications, and stock at our facility for use on the customer’s product. As a full solutions provider, we can also completely test, inspect, kit, and ship directly to your end customer, ensuring superior quality at the source and reduced lead times for our customers.

From product designing and manufacturing to assembly and delivery of the custom end product, you can count on All Metals Fabricating to provide high quality, cost competitive solutions that exceed your expectations.