Consolidate Your Electromechanical Assembly Supply Chain

November 12, 2022

At All Metals Fabricating, we’re always looking for ways to expand our capabilities to do more for our customers. 

As a full-service contract manufacturer, we not only fabricate high-quality parts but also leverage our engineering expertise to build complex electromechanical assemblies. When we ship these assemblies to customers, they can often be put to use straight out of the box! We’ll even send them directly to your end customer by request. 

Let’s review the types of assemblies we offer and explore how All Metals Fabricating can optimize your electromechanical assembly process.

Electromechanical Assembly Services and Capabilities 

Our electromechanical assembly services include:

  • Box build assembly
  • Cable and harness assembly
  • DIN rail assembly
  • Panel assembly
  • Power distribution assembly
  • Power supply assembly
  • Switch and sensor assembly
  • Transformer assembly

Drilling down even further, here are the capabilities we can put to use for customers’ assemblies:

  • Wire cutting and stripping
  • Crimping of all different terminals and end conditions
  • Harnessing multiple wires in one bundle
  • Connectorizations
  • Automated equipment 
  • Hipot and continuity testing
  • Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) approval for multiple products

Common Applications for Electromechanical Assemblies

Although many industries require electromechanical assemblies, here are a few we frequently serve and their associated applications: 


We manufacture power boxes, lighted cockpit panels, switch panels, and other electromechanical assemblies to meet our aerospace customers’ precise specifications. Quality is paramount for these high-risk applications, and for us, quality assurance is a top priority


We assemble cryptocurrency mining power supplies and run a series of tests to ensure their performance and high continuity. We then ship these assemblies straight to the plants, where they can be used right out of the box. 


Recently, we created assemblies for a defibrillator system for use in a public park. We assembled a framework that will alert emergency services and provide GPS coordinates when someone pulls out the defibrillator. 


We pre-cable telecom shroud units and cabinets so they’re ready to be implemented in the field and integrate radios inside enclosures we fabricate in-house.  We also build wired battery cabinets for backup power supply for cell sites. 

Original Equipment Manufacturers

It is common for OEM’s to outsource their manufacturing, but often times they will keep their assembly in house.  This can result in managing many vendors and scheduling to make sure that you get the products in JIT for the OEM to assemble them.  We are happy to manufacture the parts, but we add value for OEM’s by pre-assembling sub assemblies to expedite their assembly process in house, and we also even do the full electrical assembly for them which allows them to just focus on product development and sales. 

Choose All Metals Fabricating for Electromechanical Assembly Services

Here’s how partnering with our full-service shop can simplify your workflow and ensure that you receive a top-quality electromechanical assembly:

Supply chain consolidation

Tired of hiring one shop to fabricate your parts, another to finish them, and another to integrate those parts into electromechanical assemblies? Why juggle services from multiple vendors when All Metals Fabricating can do it all? 

Our sheet metal fabrication and machining capabilities are unusually comprehensive for a contract manufacturer. We can manufacture your parts, apply top-tier finishing treatments, engage in-house engineers to ensure flawless assembly, and ship your final product straight to your customer. What more do you need?

Risk mitigation

When you hire a series of vendors to complete different stages of your assembly, you run the risk of critical details falling through the cracks. 

By consolidating vendors and entrusting each part of the electromechanical assembly process to us, you’ll never worry about parts getting misplaced in a warehouse, stuck on a loading dock somewhere, or assembled incorrectly because key instructions were lost in translation. 

Cost savings

Our Director of Operations is an engineer with high-level electromechanical assembly expertise. When you contract All Metals Fabricating to fabricate and assemble your parts, you don’t have to pay a mechanical engineer for assembly because ours will do it for you at no extra cost!

Ready to streamline your electromechanical assembly supply chain with a full-service fabrication shop? Request a quote today.