Quality Assurance: Our Top Priority for All Our Customers

August 23, 2020

When building parts that are required to be built within strict tolerances and specifications, quality control is extremely important.  Machined parts can have tolerances of +/-.001 or less, and sheet metal can have tolerances of +/-.005" as well as +/-.010" across bends and welds.  Not to mention there can also be strict cosmetic requirements for the appearance of customer's products, which has to be checked throughout the manufacturing process as well as protected during transit.

That's why it's so important for manufacturers to have strict quality control at every step of the process. This ensures that any problems with the parts are found and resolved before it leaves the plant.

Here at All Metals Fabricating, quality assurance is our number one priority. Let's take a look at just a few of the ways we make sure our product is built to last.

What Does Quality Assurance Look Like?

Quality assurance is one of those words you've probably heard a lot. But unless you work in the field, you may not be certain what the process actually involves. Terms like quality assurance and quality control are thrown around and often treated as interchangeable. But are they really?

There are a couple of key differences between the two. Basically, quality assurance is a blanket term. It refers to the entire process of screening and testing the product to ensure it is of the highest quality every single time.

Quality control, on the other hand, is a part of quality assurance. Quality control can be thought of as the actual testing part of quality assurance. QA establishes the guidelines for the product. It sets the standards of quality that each and every item must meet before it is sold. QC is the process of actually testing the product to make sure it meets those requirements.

Quality Assurance in Metal Fabrication

Because quality control is so important in our industry, we here at AMF have spared no expense when it comes to our quality control technology. All of this is to make sure you get the best product possible.

Just bought this new machine last week... https://www.keyence.com/products/measure-sys/image-measure/im-7000/models/im-7030t/ An instant solution to conventional quality inspection problems. Perform high-precision measurements, automatically record data, and generate reports with the push of a button.

Another one of these investments is the FaroArm 3D laser scanner. This remarkable tool allows us to easily examine the dimensions of each and every one of our products. It can be used to make quick and precise measurements that we can use to ensure the tolerances of our products. We can even use it to inspect products while they're being manufactured. Spotting issues during the production process greatly cuts back the time and costs of QC.

Another one of the devices we use in our quality control process is the InspecVision Planar 2D. This effective, high-quality device allows us to accurately measure flat parts that we manufacture. It allows us to easily make accurate measurements of products.

The Planar 2D has a wide range of applications that we regularly take advantage of. We can use it to perform sheet metal inspections on our products. We can in-line inspections during the production process. And with this tool, we can easily draft CAD files to make use of during testing. All of these features serve to further speed up the QC process.

Lastly, we have a large Brown & Sharpe Xcel Coordinate Measuring machine for the highest precision measurements and for parts that require Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing. With the combination of all of this equipment, along with all of the hand tools that we have, there is not much that we cant measure as effectively and effieciently as possible. 

What Makes AMF Quality Assurance Special?

Here at All Metals Fabricating, we take great pains to ensure that we adhere to the strictest quality assurance standards. Quality materials ensure that our products are safe to use and last in the field. Your satisfaction and safety is our highest priority.

Our quality assurance policies are all about how to most effectively and efficiently assure the quality of the products that we fabricate.   By following  our processes and quality system, we create an efficient guideline for all that we do. That mentality governs all of our choices here at AMF. And because our dedication is an ongoing effort, it is always evolving and improving. This helps us better serve you, our valued customers.

We thoroughly inspect every operation at every step of the procedure to ensure safety and quality. 

We are always investing in new equipment to help us maintain our commitment to high quality at low costs. Our latest investments, the aforementioned FaroArm 3D scanner, and Inspecvision planar system allow our operators to observe their product immediately. This helps speed up our quality procedures and makes things cheaper for us and our customers.

We're also ISO 9001 certified, meaning we adhere to the strictest guidelines of the certification.

Of course, if you have questions about any of our policies, you can always contact us at any time. We thrive on the feedback of our valued customers. Your insights and comments help us grow and maintain the highest standards.

Quality in Every Product

Here at AMF, we take quality assurance and control very seriously. It keeps us and our customers safe. And it ensures that you get the best value possible for your money.

So the next time you're in the market for our products, come to All Metals Fabricating. And if you have any questions about what we do, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Building relationships with our valued customers is what we're all about.