In-House Engineering and Design for Custom Metal Fabrication

February 5, 2024

AMF stands out in the Texas manufacturing industry for many reasons, from our diverse capabilities to our rigorous approach to quality assurance. However, one offering that tends to fly under the radar is in-house engineering and design. 

At AMF, we employ a team of highly skilled engineers to provide customers with holistic precision fabrication solutions. 

Our engineer-supported focus on Design for Manufacturability (DFM) empowers us to deliver excellence from conceptualization to final product.

Meet AMF’s Capable In-House Engineers

Jim Amigh brings 34 years of engineering experience and has designed thousands of parts. He was the principal systems engineer at Siemens Industry for ten years and has significant experience in product development.

Ken St. Pierre started his manufacturing career as a punch press operator on the shop floor, giving him a deep understanding of DFM principles in action. He’s worked as an engineer for 24 years and has extensive experience in the Texas manufacturing industry.

Further, given the extensive experience of our programmers and even most of our account managers, they have varying engineering capabilities and especially excel at design for manufacturability suggestions. Our programming department boasts an average of over 40 years of sheet metal experience and estimating team an average of over 20 years of experience in sheet metal. 

Our Engineers Take Your Idea From Concept to Production 

AMF has been at the forefront of providing engineering and design services for over a decade. We initially introduced in-house engineering as a value-added service, but it quickly became a crucial aspect of our custom metal fabrication process. 

The best part? Our in-house engineering services benefit every customer. You can bring us a complete design and request adjustments to optimize the manufacturing process, or you can come to us with an idea, and we’ll design the part from scratch.

When you involve us early, our engineering input streamlines the entire process from start to finish. Every design is considered with manufacturability in mind to ensure that the final product is fully optimized for fast and cost-effective production. Working with AMF from prototype to production helps us expedite production by at least a month. 

Your part designs are your intellectual property

One of the key differentiators at AMF is our belief that your part designs are your intellectual property. We immediately transfer the intellectual property to you once a design is finalized and paid for. 

This practice starkly contrasts with vendors offering free design services, who often restrict access to the complete part design and manufacturing drawings, limiting a customer's freedom. 

At AMF, it's crystal clear—customers own their designs, no strings attached, and we are confident enough in our ability to win the business for the manufacturing, that we don’t have to hold the customer hostage like many other shops do that offer “free” design services. 

That said, there are distinct advantages to partnering with AMF for prototyping and production. Our deep understanding of our tooling and machinery capabilities helps us deliver a design optimized for our precision fabrication process. This benefit ensures a seamless transition from prototype to production, significantly reducing lead times and costs.

AMF Offers a Seamless Custom Metal Fabrication Process

AMF is dedicated to crafting designs that exceed customer expectations. You can think of us as your go-to partner for precision fabrication from prototype to production. 

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