How Our Sheet Metal Shop Makes Miracles Happen

February 7, 2023

All Metals Fabricating has been making miracles happen for our customers for 70 years and counting. 

What’s the secret to our success? Our incredible people. All Metals Fabricating team members are driven each day by their experience and dedication to what they do. 

Here’s a look at how we’ve created such a rock-solid company culture and why that benefits our customers. 

We Take Care of Our Team 

At All Metals Fabricating, we genuinely care about each and every one of our team members in a radical way that makes them feel appreciated and cared for.  We ensure that our employees have the resources they need to thrive—inside and outside of our sheet metal shop—because it’s the right thing to do. Putting our employees first has always been a defining trait of AMF, and it results in our employees putting our customers first and making sacrifices necessary to meet their needs! When people feel radically cared for, they will do anything for you.  That’s not why we do it, but that is the natural result.

Excellent benefits and incentives

Our employees receive a range of benefits rarely seen in our industry: we offer fully covered health insurance, quarterly bonuses, and a 15% annual 401K contribution and $25,000 in life insurance. We also have a company chaplain come out monthly to check in with all team members and give encouraging messages to the whole company. To further build culture, we provide an annual company paid hunting trip, and tickets to our professional sports teams as a way to thank our employees and experience something fun with their family. As of last year, we also started offering open circuit workouts during lunch with a trainer as well. 

Even more unusual, when team members hit the 25-year mark with our company, we send them and their family on an all-expenses-paid vacation then and every five years after that. 

Above-and-beyond health and safety protocols 

When it comes to protecting our valued team members, we go well beyond what’s required. 

For instance, when COVID hit, we paid to have our building sanitized every night. We also provided daily boxed lunches for our employees so they didn’t have to risk exposure to the virus by going out to get meals. 

Performance bonuses

We provide performance bonuses to incentivize employees to do their very best work. These payments are based not only on efficiency but also on part quality. 

Each employee has a performance dashboard that shows them how long it took to fabricate each part. Because our team members share in our profits and know how their performance affects our profit margin, they have a stake in the game and are highly invested in efficiently manufacturing high-quality parts.  

How Customers Benefit from Our Positive Sheet Metal Shop Culture

Our team members know that the work culture we have created is rare, and they appreciate how well they are treated. In turn, they tend to stay with us for a long time and take excellent care of our customers.  

Knowledgeable and experienced fabricators 

We make sure our team members know the full context of each part they are fabricating, which helps them understand their critical role in the manufacturing process. As a result, they care about each part and take immense pride in their work. 

Because we treat our employees so well, we’ve consistently enjoyed low turnover, which ensures that our customers always have experienced fabricators who are deeply familiar with our processes working on their parts. 

The average tenure of our employees is 12 years—and that’s after growing from 45-70 employees in the past six years. In terms of raw experience, many of our team members have been in manufacturing for 15-20 years, and we have one employee with 47 years of tenure and two others with over 40 years tenure! 

Incredible efficiency 

Maintaining a stable, consistent, and experienced workforce has empowered us to establish and follow highly efficient workflows, resulting in better costs and lead times for customers. Further, our employees are financially motivated, through our performance bonus structure, to make your parts as efficiently and effectively as possible!  In fact, we can even occasionally expedite customers’ orders without an additional charge or impacting the on-time delivery of other orders. 

We stand by our guarantee for all customers: your part will be built to print when you need it, or you don’t pay.

To further improve efficiency, we continuously invest in automation, which enables lights-out manufacturing for many precision fabrication processes. 

World-class capabilities, small-shop feel

At All Metals Fabricating, we provide top-of-the-line precision fabrication services in an environment that feels like a small shop in the way that we seek to serve our customers with the highest degree of excellence and customer service. 

Treating our team members like family has strengthened our capabilities and boosted our efficiency, setting the stage to make miracles happen every day.

Request a quote, and let us work miracles for you!