AMF adds capabilities and increases capacity with a new Trumpf laser punch combination machine!

September 18, 2019

Modern punch and laser combo machines offer countless benefits for fabricators. The machines are designed to combine these two processes. The combination makes things more efficient and increases overall productivity, which is what All Metals Fabricating is constantly striving to improve.

Laser punch combos provide these benefits by combining the speed and flexibility of a laser with the forming capabilities of punching. Together, this eliminates the need for secondary operations.

An example of this combination machine is the TruMatic 1000 Fiber. It enables users to easily and quickly changeover from one process to the next. It also eliminates the need for any manual intervention during the changeover process.

However, the machine and even hiring someone with this machine is a significant investment. For All Metals Fabricating, it was an easy decision, as we are always looking for ways to become more efficient and have an advantage over our competition. Having a combined punch/laser system allows us to offer a comprehensive range of services, from laser cutting to forming. This versatility can help simplify your supply chain by reducing the need to work with multiple vendors for different fabrication processes.

Keep reading to learn more about the advanced technology of our TruMatic 1000 combination machine, which ensures high precision and quality in every piece it produces, meeting the stringent requirements of various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and electronics.


Before the release of the TruMatic 1000 fiber, most used the TruPunch 1000.

The release of the TruMatic allows you to expand your existing TruPunch 1000. This upgrade helps you keep pace with your growing business by offering higher levels of efficiency. This also means using the services of a company with this machine reduces production time.

The TruPunch 1000 from Trumpf is a punch machine designed for entry-level manufacturing processes. As your business and needs grow, you can expand your machine into a combination machine. This expansion is possible thanks to the TruMatic 1000 fiber.

This is a laser machine equipped with an array of innovative features, allowing you to form threads, bend flanges, and punch holes.

Features of the TruMatic 1000 Fiber

The TruMatic 1000 fiber includes a drive system powered by two servomotors. When moving in the same direction, the punching head moves in a back-and-forth motion on the y-axis.

When the ball screws are rotating in opposite directions, the punching stroke is activated. With this arrangement, the y-axis can be accelerated much faster. Also, the punch drive is used for travel motion, which eliminates the need to move your worktable or sheet.

The result is that the punching process is more dynamic, and the machine helps increase productivity. The lower the movement between the metal sheet and machine table, the lower the risk of collisions and jamming. This allows the machine to provide more reliability overall.

Also, since the machine sits on a stationary table, the machine’s footprint is reduced.

Some other features of the TruMatic 1000 Fiber machine are as follows.


Once in use, the TruMatic 1000 fiber can sort your finished products that measure up to 180mm by 180mm automatically. Each processed part is sent into a chute and then to a sorting unit, which moves in a linear direction.

From this point, the parts are sorted into boxes—with the capacity for four different options. These boxes are all positioned beneath the machine to provide easy removal for the operator.

Thanks to the punching head’s innovative movement, the machine also provides you with another option for removing parts. This uses a big and flexible parts flap. While it is an optional feature for the TruPunch 1000, this comes standard with the TruMatic 1000 fiber.


Even with the automated version, the machine is more compact than other comparable machines available today. You can connect the TruMatic to the newly released SheetMaster Compact too.

The automation system loads both small- and medium-format blanks and sheets. It also automatically unloads the scrap skeletons and microjoint sheets. Because of this, the optimized loading cycles can easily complete most of the tasks while the machine is running.

It also comes with an intuitive touchscreen making life much easier for operators.


Do you know the most common wastes of the manufacturing processes you use? If your business is working toward a lean manufacturing process, you probably do. A common mistake made by many business owners is comparing the time it takes to manufacture a part based on cycle time only.

Fabricators may record the time needed for punching or laser cutting, along with secondary operations, but forget to add in the non-value-added labor and time costs. This includes things like transferring a part from one machine to the next.

The goal of lean manufacturing is to handle parts as little as possible. As described above, this is something the TruMatic 1000 fiber makes possible.

The punch/laser combination machine does this well. The handling of parts is limited to when the process is complete, reducing the non-value-added time and labor almost completely.


This is a question that each company owner and company must consider carefully. The TruMatic 100 fiber provides you with a cost-effective combination of all the benefits offered by laser and punch processing together.

It’s able to flexibly cut contours using the laser, taps threads, forms, and punches and includes clever automation for confined spaces. The modular design is considered revolutionary, thanks to the solid-state laser and electric punch that comes standard on each machine.

As a compact and economical option, the machine is uniquely designed to grow to accommodate your changing needs. As a result, it makes a smart investment for those companies searching for this option.


Regardless if you are searching for the equipment to outfit your business, or if you need to find a service provider with access to the TruMatic 1000 fiber, we have you covered. Our professional technicians can ensure your project needs are understood and met at every turn.

More information about this innovative equipment, how it works, and the many uses it offers can be found by reaching out to us. We are here to help in any way and answer any questions you may have.