6 Tips for a Fast Precision Fabrication or Machining Quote

June 22, 2023

Whether you need precision machining orservices, All Metals Fabricating is committed to delivering fast quotes. But that’s only possible when we have all the required information up front. 

We know how frustrating it can be for customers to go back and forth with a shop for what feels like forever—especially when they’re on a tight timeline. So we want our customers to know all the best practices for submitting a quote request to avoid unnecessary delays.

How to Get a Fast Quote

Here are six tips for getting a fast precision fabrication or machining quote from All Metals Fabricating: 

1. Use the online portal

Rather than contacting your account manager directly, submit your quote request using our online portal for the fastest service. These requests are sent to our entire team of estimators—whoever is first available will get back to you as soon as possible.

2. Submit all necessary documentation

We ask customers to include a 2D print and a 3D model—two instrumental pieces of information to guarantee clarity regarding a precision fabrication or machining project. Submitting a .step file and a print is by far the two most important things as it relates to our ability to fast track your quote. The 3D CAD file (ideally in .step or .stp format) allows our automated quoting software to build most of the quote for a sheet metal or machined part without much human intervention.

With that said, assemblies do require a lot of manual intervention, so please keep that in mind as it relates to the speed at which you expect the quote. 

  • 2D drawings depict critical project specifications like dimensions, tolerances, finish, and material. If you need powder coating or wet paint services, be sure to specify your desired color by including the manufacturer and product number.
  • 3D models (i.e., STEP files) provide critical information that helps clarify the part’s context with a three-dimensional view.

3. Tell us how many parts you need

Always let us know the full scope of your project. If you’re just looking for a single part but plan to follow up with a larger order, it’s helpful for us to know that for background and planning purposes.  

More detail is better with precision metal fabrication, hole diameter, bend location and finishing coat should be clear.

4. Specify when you need the quote 

If you submit a quote request via the online portal (and we highly recommend you do), you can use the notes section to tell us when you need your quote. You can also use that section to include any additional information you think we’ll find helpful—the more information, the better! 

Note: the desired timeline for your quote is different from your project timeline. The “Delivery Date” field is where you can specify when you need your parts delivered.  

5. Select the correct process and finish requirements

Be sure to select the correct process when submitting a quote request. For example, if the part requires hardware installation, select assembly. If it is a weldment, you can select weldment or assembly. If the part requires powder coating, plating or wet paint, please select the appropriate finish specification. 

6. Send a follow-up email if your request is urgent 

When a quote request is urgent, let us know via email, and we’ll be on the lookout for it! Established customers can email their All Metals Fabricating account manager; new customers can email our sales team. 

Communication Is Key 

At All Metals Fabricating, we rely on thorough and efficient communication to deliver the fastest quotes and top-of-the-line metal fabrication and precision machining services.

All Metals Fabricating can provide you a range of world class capabilities, including Metal Fabrication Engineering & Design Services, so be sure let us know the scope of your requirements.

When customers start the quoting process by submitting all the information we need and letting us know the project’s level of urgency, we can proceed as quickly as possible to ensure an exceptional experience right from the beginning. 

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