Trust All Metals Fabricating for High-Precision Machining

May 24, 2023

Since opening our doors in 1953, All Metals Fabricating has earned our reputation as a fully integrated sheet metal fabrication shop committed to excellence

Historically, we’ve offered precision machining as a secondary service at our Texas sheet metal fabrication shop. But we’ve been working hard in recent years to enhance our precision machining capabilities.  

Thanks to our shop’s recent addition of high-precision machining and inspection equipment, AMF is now a trusted source for precision machining tight-tolerance, high-precision parts. 

What Is High-Precision Machining?

High-precision machining is the process of producing highly accurate metal parts with extremely tight tolerances.

Many parts created for the automotive, aerospace, electronics, and medical fields require sub-micron tolerances, which demand high-precision machining. 

But high-precision machining alone isn’t sufficient. Shops that provide these services must also have high-precision inspection equipment capable of accurately measuring intricate features and tight tolerances. 

AMF’s New High-Precision Machining and Inspection Equipment

From a machining perspective, AMF recently invested in a precision DMG Mori lathe and added thermal compensation to several of our mills to maintain consistency between the temperature variations of the coolant and of the machine, which is essential for ensuring part accuracy and repeatability. 

To enhance our inspection capabilities, we acquired a Keyence Optical Comparator and a Zeiss CMM Spectrum, two top-of-the-line measurement devices. 

Our upgraded shop technology empowers us to produce high-precision parts consistently and accurately.

Keyence Optical Comparator

The Keyence Optical Comparator is an instant image dimension measurement system that can identify and measure many critical features all at once. It automatically provides highly accurate measurement data, no matter the complexity of the measurements.

This device enhances speed and consistency, improves reporting and quality assurance, and provides high-precision measurement capabilities.

Zeiss CMM Spectrum 

The Zeiss CMM Spectrum provides coordinate measuring capabilities for high-precision parts and is much more efficient than our previous CMM.

The device embeds geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) into its software. Once programmed, the Zeiss CMM Spectrum leverages GD&T to automatically measure parts quickly and accurately with a measuring volume of X = 700mm, Y = 1000mm, Z = 600mm. 

AMF Invests Boldly in Automation and New Equipment 

AMF continues to boldly invest in automation to enhance the services we provide to our valued customers. 

We’re confident that the Keyence Optical Comparator and Zeiss CMM Spectrum give us a competitive edge in quality assurance—an important step in any manufacturing process that is especially critical when manufacturing high-precision parts. 

We look forward to using this technology to automatically inspect parts and generate First Article reports. The significant time we save will enable us to deliver parts faster, keep costs down, and increase our throughput.

Trust AMF for High-Precision Machining

Our team is excited to enter high-precision machining with our enhanced, fully integrated shop. We aim to be your one-stop shop for all your sheet metal fabrication and precision machining needs. 

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