Instant Measuring Technology Every Engineer Needs to Know About

October 26, 2020

Measuring technology has made radical advances in the last decade. Experts forecast that this growth and development will continue. Are you up-to-date on industry developments? Do you know how they can improve your measurement performance?

Find out about instant measuring systems and the many benefits they can bring to you and your business.

Building on Traditional Measuring Technology

Conventional measurement tools are an important part of your quality management strategy. In the past, these tools were your only option. Now they can provide a complement to your high tech equipment.

With a well-trained operator, conventional measurement tools like calipers can provide the fastest measurements. Traditional technology can confirm measurements when your high tech equipment isn't repeating. For example, the micro-height (TesaHite 700) provides excellent repeatability.

As with all measuring devices, accurate measurements depend on an operator's training, judgment, and expertise.

Advantages of an Instant Measuring System: Overview

An instant measuring system brings you and your business many advantages. You have options beyond what your conventional measurement technology provides.

You gain efficiency because you don't have to position each item or set up all of the reference planes and axes. You can measure multiple variables at once.

Using the instant measurement system is simple. You get more consistent results because the measurements don't vary with each operator. With an understanding of how to interpret the data, you can set up the measurements you want to take with just a few clicks.

Increased Speed

One clear benefit from instant measuring is the increased speed of operations. You improve efficiency in several ways.

Position and Orientation

The measurement system automatically detects the location and orientation of any part that you place on the measurement stage. It will measure the part no matter where you place it within the viewing field.

Multiple Dimensions and Multiple Parts

Instant measuring technology can identify and measure many dimensions at once. You can measure additional dimensions in the same amount of time. Future measurements will display data defined in the original program.

The measuring stage is 8" x 12". You can place many parts on the measuring stage and measure them all simultaneously. Some systems can measure up to 99 dimensions on as many as 99 parts at the same time.


An instant measurement system makes your results more consistent. You can eliminate some of the problems that occur with conventional measurement tools and techniques.

Automatic Focus

The optical lens has a large field depth. It automatically focuses on the measurement points. Even for parts with uneven surfaces, the lens will focus on each point. You get more accurate measurements than is possible with conventional measuring technology.

Edge Detection

Instant measuring systems automatically detect the edges of the part you're measuring. They use technology like sub-pixel processing and multiple detection points to give highly precise measurements within a wide viewing field.

Some systems can also detect abnormalities like chips and burrs. The measurements will exclude these irregular points. You can set the system to stop if it finds chips or burrs larger than a threshold that you specify.

Precision Capabilities

Instant measuring technology is extremely precise with a very high degree of repeatability. For example, accuracy is +/- 7 microns in wide field measurement mode.

In wide field measurement mode, repeatability is +/- 1 micron without stage movement and +/- 2 microns with stage movement.


Instant measuring technology is easy to use. You need to know how to interpret the data, but you don't necessarily need specialized knowledge to get accurate results.

Programming Parts

You can choose the tool you want from a menu and then specify where on the part you want it to apply. Making settings while you check the image of the whole part works very intuitively. You don't need to toggle back and forth between screens.

Tools for Complex Measurements

Complicated measurements are easy to set up with an instant measuring system. These types of measurements are more difficult with traditional measurement tools. When you use an instant measuring device, you can set them up with a series of clicks on the screen.

Automatic Measurement

Advanced systems are essentially "place and press" for simple dimensions. You can select the types of measurements that an operator will likely need. An operator can then use the system right away without needing to set anything up.

After you write the original program, when you place a part on the stage the features that you defined in the program are displayed on the new part.

Streamlined Reporting

An instant measurement system will automatically create your inspection reports. You save time and can devote your resources to other aspects of your operation.

Calculates Statistical Values

The instant measurement system will automatically calculate and display statistical values for each measurement. Some of the values the system can process are maximum and minimum points, averages, Cp, and Cpk. The system can also process these values by lot.

Graphs and Histograms

In addition to calculating values and statistics, the instant measuring system can create graphs and histograms. These visual representations show trends and variations. You can quickly and easily see if values are increasing or decreasing or if one lot has more variation than another.

Complete Inspection Reports

You can transfer all of your measurement results to spreadsheet software. Your reporting process is more efficient. You avoid the errors that may occur when someone transfers the data manually.

Commitment to Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a critical part of metal fabricating and machining. Instant measuring technology gives you a competitive edge in quality assurance.

As part of a commitment to quality assurance, All Metals Fabricating recently invested in a Keyence IM-7000 series image dimension measurement system.

This instant measurement system ensures that our customers get the highest quality products in the shortest amount of time. It increases safety for us and for our customers. It helps us provide the best value possible.

Contact us today for a quote. Let us show you the difference that true quality assurance can make.