A Guide to the Advantages of Robotic Welding

April 26, 2021

Technology is revolutionizing every facet of the industrial and manufacturing industries.

Today’s latest technological advancements have brought about the possibility of robotic welding. Robotic welding automates the welding process in businesses of all sizes and industries.

As businesses consider investing in robotic welding, they often wonder if they’re worth it. Robotic welding isn’t a cheap endeavor and will require hefty up-front costs.

Is your business considering an investment in robotic welding? Check out these great advantages to see if robotic welding is the right choice for your business!

High-Quality Welds

The most important aspect of a weld is its level of quality. Before hiring a professional welder, businesses will test the welder to check their weld quality.

As humans, even the most efficient and experienced welder may experience hiccups in their welding. While these inconsistencies may be small or mild, they can affect the durability of the final product.

Robotic welding produces high-quality and consistent welds, every time. The weld quality of the robot, however, will depend on the workflow and the quality of the materials.

Once you systemize your welding processes, a welding robot can create high-quality welds more efficiently than the most experienced professional welders. This will improve efficiency and lead to more advantages.

Save Time with Robotic Welding

Robotic welding systems work much faster than any skilled human welder. The advantage here is robotic welding will save you time.

Welding mistakes are one of the biggest time-consuming problems businesses face. Robotic welding produces fewer mistakes than manual welding which saves you time and money on rework.

Human laborers require breaks, vacations, sleep, and more. Robotic welders, however, can work around the clock to continue producing high-quality products. This allows you to complete more projects and products in less time.

Cut Labor and Safety Costs

The cost of hiring a welding professional and keeping them safe is expensive. Besides paying them a wage, businesses must offer their employees benefits, health insurance, safety insurance, and vacation time.

While the upfront cost of a robot isn’t cheap, it will cost a business less over time.

Welding is a dangerous and potentially hazardous career. Human welders need proper safety gear and skills to safely weld.

Robotic welders don’t require the same safety gear as humans to produce welds which will cut safety costs. Most welding robots can endure greater hazards while maintaining consistent production.

Robotic welders will lower insurance costs and reduce the chances of a dangerous accident.

Reduce Waste 

Mistakes will happen and they’re much more frequent with human welders. Over time, these mistakes will add up in the forms of wasted materials and reworks. These two issues will slow down production and increase your business’s materials cost.

Do you want to reduce waste while improving production?

The solution is a robotic welder. With proper programming, robotic welding will produce accurate welds every time. This will lower waste and conserves valuable materials.


By consistently running, welding robots can lower energy costs as they aren’t constantly starting up between projects.

Your business can introduce robotic welding slowly by starting with a single robot spot welding process. If you find robotic welding works great for your business, you can upgrade to multiple welding robots to automate your entire welding process.

Boost Productivity

Since robotic welding can continue working around the clock, you can enjoy a greater level of productivity. Adding robotic welding to your current production will streamline processes.

Human employees can focus on other important tasks that are less dangerous and hazardous.

In turn, this will allow your business to enjoy a higher production yield. Higher production will boost sales and give you a competitive edge.

Stand Out From Your Competition

Speaking of competitive edge, investing in new welding technology will make you stand out from your competition. The most notable benefit is you’ll have the ability to produce a greater number of products in less time. You can expand your market to potential customers who need on-demand and custom welded products.

Many customers and businesses will find your company to be more innovative and resourceful. Your company will get products to customers faster will make your business more desirable than others in your industry.

Types of Welding Robots 

Are you in need of a specific type of weld?

There are many types of welding robots available to meet your business’s every welding need. This gives manufacturers the flexibility to focus on a specific type of weld or a mix of welds.

A few types of welding robots include:

  • Laser Welding
  • Robot Spot Welding
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
  • Thin Gauge Arc Welding
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)
  • Plasma Welding
  • Laser Hybrid Welding

This flexibility will add to your competitive edge. These various types of welding robots give you the freedom to pursue new welding processes you couldn’t pursue before.

Robot Welding Tips

Have you decided that robotic welding is right for you? If yes, you’ll love the amount of time and money your business will save.

Before you start, there are a few tips you should be aware of to ensure your robotic welding processes run smoothly.

Use the Right Wire

If you want consistent high-quality welds from your robotic welder, you need to select the right wire. Robotic welding requires precise tolerances and materials. The wire you choose must feed through the drive rolls and liner smoothly to prevent errors and poor welds.

The quality of the wire is important for arc starting. Look for metal-cored wire with deoxidizing and arc stabilizing properties. With minimize splatter and reduce post-weld cleanup.

Durable Consumables

Durable consumables are imperative to a successful weld in robotic welding. Since robotic welding can run for long periods of time, there will be a greater amount of arc-on time. The right durables will reduce the buildup of heat and offer reliable conductivity.

Is Robotic Welding Right For Your Business?

Do you think robotic welding is right for your business?

Adding robotic welding to your welding processes is an expensive investment. By understanding the advantages it has to offer, you’ll find it will quickly boost productivity and give your business a competitive edge. Otherwise consider partnering with a company like All Metals Fabricating for your robotic welding needs.

Want to learn more about your robotic welding options? Let us know, we’re happy to help you find the right welding solutions for your business.