AMF Capability Highlight: Precision Welding Services

April 25, 2023

Welding is an art form that requires significant skill and expertise to master. At AMF, we can confidently say that our sheet metal shop has the best welders in the state of Texas. 

Our team's collective welding expertise is extremely rare: we have eight welders with an average of 20 years of experience, and two of our welders have more than 40 years of experience each! 

Our Rigorous Vetting Process for Welders 

Our commitment to excellence in precision welding services begins when we interview candidates for welder positions. We look for individuals with a high level of technical skill and extensive experience in a high-mix, low-volume job shop environment. 

At least 80% of the welders we interview don’t meet our high standards for skill and efficiency. Welders at AMF must be able to work on multiple parts quickly while maintaining exceptional quality. They must also be comfortable welding challenging materials, such as thin-gauge aluminum. 

We know that when quoting a job, welding time is an essential variable to consider—one that can greatly impact a project’s cost and lead time. Thanks to our skilled welders, our sheet metal shop can quote precision welding services aggressively and trust the team members who perform these services to meet deadlines reliably without supervision. 

Simply put, to be hired as a welder at AMF, you’ve got to be ready to make miracles happen.

Our Precision Welding Services

AMF’s welders regularly use four key welding techniques, determining the optimal one for each project. 

MIG welding

Metal inert gas (MIG) welding is a rapid welding process that involves a welding gun continuously feeding wire to an electric welding arc to create a weld and fill it in. 

MIG welding is highly efficient but has a less polished appearance than other techniques, such as TIG welding. It’s also hard to control, so we don’t recommend it for materials vulnerable to heat distortion, such as thin-gauge metals.

When we use MIG welding: 

  • Parts made from thick materials
  • Parts with minimal aesthetic requirements 
  • High-volume production runs requiring fast throughput

TIG welding

During the tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding process, heat generated by electricity arcs between a consumable wire electrode and a metal piece, joining them together. TIG welding requires a constant power source. Welders who use this technique must have an exceptionally high level of skill to perform it well. 

TIG welding is slower than MIG welding but creates a stronger weld with greater penetration and results in a more polished appearance. There is also more control over the welding area than with MIG welding. 

When we use TIG welding: 

  • Parts made from thinner materials
  • Shorter production runs that allow for a longer process
  • Delicate welds requiring a polished appearance

Robotic welding 

Robotic welding is a highly efficient method of automated MIG welding. Approximately 8-10 times faster than manual welding, robotic welding is ideal for high-volume MIG work requiring long welds. Before initiating a robotic weld, we first tack the metal pieces together to ensure proper alignment. 

We look forward to strengthening our robotic welding services in the near future!

When we use robotic welding:

  • Steel or aluminum parts requiring high-volume MIG welding 

Laser welding 

Laser welding is a highly efficient alternative to traditional TIG or MIG welding. 

This technology has only been around for a few years and is still developing. We recently acquired our first laser welding machine at AMF and plan to expand our laser welding services significantly in the coming years.

When we use laser welding:

  • High-volume TIG or MIG welding for aluminum, steel, or stainless steel parts

At AMF, we take great pride in our welders’ mastery of the art of welding. We would love to provide you with the durable, well-crafted welds your parts require.

Request a quote for precision welding services today!