How Our High-Performance Laser Welding Machines Benefit Customers

August 16, 2023

Here at All Metals Fabricating, we believe in serving our customers to the highest standard of excellence. When the industry standard shifted from traditional welding to laser welding, we put our money where our mouth is to provide top-of-the-line laser welding services.

Our high-power handheld laser welding machine is a jack of all trades, improving efficiency across the board. And our lithium battery module laser welding machine is a master of one, highly specialized to build battery modules without damaging the battery.

Investing in laser welding services has a higher upfront cost for us than providing traditional welding services. But AMF understands the value of a long-term investment. 

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers estimates that for 0.5” thick material, laser welding is up to 50x faster than MIG welding—and even faster when you add in the post-processing required to achieve a clean MIG weld. That translates to serious benefits for us and our customers.

The Jack of All Trades for Laser Welding Services

In 2022, we acquired our first handheld laser welding machine, the IPG 2500W Fiber Laser Welder from IPG Photonics. Even in the hands of an amateur, this machine does everything a traditional welder can with cleaner, faster results. 

The IPG 2500W Fiber Laser Welder is easy to use and provides the durability of a TIG weld at the speed (or faster) of MIG welding. It’s suitable for a range of welding jobs and effective for completing high-volume orders with consistent, secure welds.

Welding is a skilled trade that takes years to master. But a handheld laser welding machine eliminates the need for extensive training and allows even inexperienced users to achieve perfect welding beads effortlessly.

We won’t be replacing our highly skilled welders with this machine. However, the American Welding Society estimates the US will face a shortage of about 400,000 welders by 2024. This investment guarantees that we can provide consistently high-quality results for our customers, even in a shortage.

The Master of Welding Battery Modules

We custom-ordered our second laser welding machine to meet the rising demand for renewable energy storage solutions. Battery modules are a key component of the microgrids and battery cabinets that support solar and wind energy—and fabricating them happens to be one of our specialties. In fact, we ordered this laser welding machine straight from a battery manufacturer. 

The lithium battery module laser welding machine is specifically designed for welding aluminum busbars to batteries. Most welding methods generate excessive heat that can damage the battery. But the high-wattage laser used in our machine generates minimal heat, eliminating this risk almost entirely. 

This machine is fully automated and essentially performs similarly to  a spot welder; however, it is able to fuse components from 12-18” away. It’s pre-configured for 16-battery and 4-battery modules and can be programmed for custom configurations as needed. Best of all, it can perform at lightning speed—one weld per second! 

When it comes to battery storage solutions, AMF is proudly ahead of the curve. And we plan to stay there. 

Want to put our advanced laser welding machines to the test on your next project? Request a quote today!