How We're Improving RFQs with Paperless Parts

June 26, 2021

There has been a marked trend in how the industry deals with requests for quotations (RFQ). Financesonline reported that 80% of buyers now place their orders via websites.

That's an important change. The same source analyzed the impact of COVID-19 and found that 97% of buyers are willing to continue to make their RFQs and orders online even post-pandemic.

Keeping up with this trend and continuing to provide premium service to our All Metals Fabricating customers led our company to find the best solution. We found that Paperless Parts has the most powerful estimating and quoting solutions that would allow us to provide our clients with consistent and accurate quotes in the shortest possible timeline.

Keep reading to learn more. 

What Is Paperless Parts?

Paperless Parts is a superior software that offers a secure, cloud-based platform for RFQs. It was developed by a team of experts with backgrounds in manufacturing, software, national defense, and mechanical engineering. The objective of Paperless Parts is to make RFQs for manufacturing businesses more streamlined and accessible.

The developers of Paperless Parts went out to hundreds of manufacturing operations and spoke to thousands of owners and operators to determine how best to serve their needs. They examined 3D parts files and blueprints, and went into front offices to determine the challenges the staff face dealing with RFQs.

They took this information back to the job shop (yes, not a garage, like Microsoft or Amazon) and sat down with the engineers, manufacturing design experts, and software experts. Through this collaboration of people who genuinely care about the manufacturing industry, they came up with Paperless Parts RFQ software.

Why are We Using Paperless Parts for Our RFQs?

At All Metals Fabricating, we value our customers and it is our goal to build long-term relationships with each and every one. We are always working to improve, both in our customer interactions and our service.

We have combined our expertise to find how to build the best product at the lowest price. At All Metals Fabricating, we have expanded our processing ability and have diligently looked for ways to provide our service tailored to the specific need of our customers in a timely fashion.

In order to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction, we are always investing in the most state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Paperless Parts is an integral part of our pursuit of excellence.

Anticipating Your Concerns

As our valued customer, you may be concerned about the following issues:

  • Loss of the personal touch
  • Speed of processing your RFQ
  • Accuracy of your quote
  • The ability of the software to deal with a complex quote request
  • The security of your files

Responding to Your Concerns

Because we care about your concerns, we want you to feel the utmost confidence that dealing with Paperless Parts is the best choice for our sheet metal fabricating business.

The Personal Touch

At All Metals Fabricating, we have a quality assurance standard that includes the goal of meeting and exceeding our customers' needs. We strive for long-term customers and we work on building a personal relationship with you. 

As a result, we are always here to respond to you. Using new technology to deliver your quote instead of using the labor-intensive manual quote system does not mean we are not here to answer all your questions and help you find solutions for your needs.

Turn-Around Time

One of the main Paperless Parts benefits is the turn-around time for a quote. 

The traditional quote process followed these steps:

  1. The customer sent us, via email or in person, their RFQ and images in PDF format or on paper.
  2. The task was assigned to someone in the shop who would best be able to make the requested part.
  3. The part print-outs would be returned to the office with notes and time frame written on them.
  4. The material, tooling, and labor costs would be assessed.
  5. These would be entered into the ERP system.
  6. The quote would then be forwarded via email back to the customer.

As you can see, this is a lengthy process that requires your quote to pass through several hands. With the implementation of Paperless Parts, it takes a significantly shorter time for you to receive the information you are looking for.

Quote Accuracy

Paperless Parts uses pricing templates and part-level operations from All Metals Fabricating to generate your quote. It takes into account yield rates and overhead costs to give you an accurate time frame for the completion of your order. There is no need for concern about accuracy, and we're always available to discuss the quote once you receive it.

Handling Complex Quotes

We know some RFQs are quite complex and require expertise to analyze the potential problems that need special attention. Paperless Parts has a geometry engine that is able to identify possible issues like tight corners, deep holes, or areas that need special tooling.


Many of our customers have serious concerns about security. Our government customers are among the most security-conscious, for obvious reasons. 

The good news is that Paperless Parts takes a very strong view on security. They have a mission to protect your data from unauthorized export. Here are some points about Paperless Parts that should reassure you in that regard:

  • They are ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) registered
  • All staff are United States personnel
  • They host all data on Amazon GovCloud (same server as the Department of Defense uses)
  • They back up all data securely backed every night
  • You remain the owner of all your data
  • All your data is encrypted using TLS v1.1 and v1.2 ciphers
  • None of your files will be sold or shared with anyone

Getting Your Quote

What you need is what we care about. We will always strive to go above and beyond to meet your need and provide you with the ultimate satisfaction. Part of that is using Paperless Parts for manufacturing to meet your needs. 

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