Why Telecom Customers Choose AMF for Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

October 17, 2023

Thirty years ago, All Metals Fabricating began our Texas manufacturing journey in the telecommunications industry. 

Despite setbacks like the telecom bubble burst in 2000, we’ve grown alongside our telecom customers to become a leader in precision sheet metal fabrication for many industries. However, our roots will always be in telecom. 

Here’s why telecom customers choose AMF every time.

Superior Technological Capabilities

Through decades of partnership with large telecom companies, AMF has refined our telecom manufacturing process.

We’ve invested in several machines instrumental to precision sheet metal fabrication, including:

  • A robotic bend cell for high-volume bracketry
  • A tube laser for making racks
  • A robotic welder for high-volume production
  • Lights out production capabilities on our lasers and punch presses 

Telecom customers feel confident knowing we don’t take shortcuts when fulfilling unique telecom needs. Our sheet metal bending and tube laser cutting capabilities ensure that we can satisfy needs with the most efficient manufacturing process.

In addition to our specialized machines, we have an in-house assembly team to handle anything from complex electro-mechanical assemblies to kitting hardware with assembly instructions for field technicians. With our in house engineering capability, quick responsiveness and lights out manufacturing capabilities, we can further decrease the time-to-market for customers.

Investments in automation

We’ve invested boldly in automation already, acquiring over $6 million in state-of-the-art equipment over the past seven years. We plan to continue to invest at least that much in the next few years.

As we increase our automation capabilities, we’re introducing fully automated material handling and integrated cut-to-bend (ICB) technology. With these improvements, AMF will continue to have competitive pricing, faster lead times, and the ability to take on even larger orders without having them negatively impact production schedules.

A Wealth of Industry-Specific Knowledge

As a certain prophet said, "Wisdom belongs to the aged, and understanding to the old."

Fortunately for our telecom customers, we've been in this industry for a long time. Our engineering department has decades of industry-specific knowledge that proves crucial during part reviews with customers. Likewise, our assembly and production teams are highly knowledgeable about the telecom industry's requirements, ensuring a product that exceeds expectations.

We've passed the days of referring to manuals for every question. But that doesn't mean we don't strictly adhere to industry rules and regulations.

Our team has an in-depth understanding of telecom certifications like GR-487, as well as UL testing. To ensure the highest quality standards are met, the products we produce are prepared to undergo rigorous testing environments, including salt fog, earthquake, and wind-driven rain.

Designing for manufacturability

Our shop-wide commitment to providing the best parts possible also benefits telecom customers. 

Design for Manufacturability, or DFM, is our specialty. AMF works collaboratively with engineers to ensure products are innovative, practical, and cost-effective. Smart planning in the design phase prevents setbacks and costly mistakes during production.

Get Ahead with AMF

Telecom companies have trusted AMF for decades, and we’ve only improved over time. Though we’ve diversified, we still remember our roots and are always excited to take on new telecom projects.

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