Why Aerospace Industry Leaders Choose AMF for Precision Manufacturing

April 25, 2024

If you opened up an F-35 fighter jet, you’d find a pressurizer cabinet fabricated in our Texas manufacturing shop. 

Surprised? You shouldn’t be!

Parts from All Metals Fabricating play a critical role in the function of many leading aerospace and space crafts. We manufacture parts for planes, fighter jets, and space exploration equipment for industry leaders like Lockheed Martin, Blue Origin, and Boeing

These companies trust our sheet metal fabrication and precision machine shop to deliver top-tier, mission-critical parts. Here’s what drew them to us in the first place and how we continue to keep their confidence.

Why Our Aerospace Manufacturing Stands Out 

Our Texas manufacturing shop possesses a wide range of in-house capabilities to provide precise, high-quality parts for aerospace customers. Our team has worked on aerospace parts for many years, making us uniquely familiar with the ins and outs of aerospace manufacturing.

Here are the top five ways AMF stands out from the crowd:

1. Shorter lead times than traditional Aerospace vendors

AMF has over 70 years of precision sheet metal fabrication experience under our belts. Our company was built under the tight lead times of the Telecom industry, which requires much quicker turns than traditional Aerospace and defense work. As a result, our lead times for aerospace parts are generally shorter than those at competing sheet metal fabrication and precision machine shops. 

2. 5-axis machining capabilities

In recent years, AMF has expanded our sheet metal shop to include advanced precision machining capabilities. We’ve acquired cutting-edge, high-precision machining and inspection equipment to provide top-of-the-line machining services.

With these additions, AMF is a trusted source for precision machining the tight-tolerance, high-precision parts required for complex aerospace applications. 

3. Engineering and product development services

We have two engineers on staff with a combined 58 years of experience in product design. Their expertise forms the backbone of our product development services. Our engineers work with customers to optimize part designs for manufacturability, helping them reduce costs and shorten lead times.

Our team can jump in on a project at any point. Customers can bring us a complete design and request adjustments to optimize the manufacturing process, or they can come to us with an idea, and we’ll design the part from scratch.

4. Unique in-house services

We have several capabilities in-house that most sheet metal fabrication and precision machine shops outsource. For example, we acquired All Powder Coat and Screen, a premium metal finishing company specializing in powder coating, silk screening and pad printing. 

This addition gives us maximum control over part quality and saves customers the time and costs of shipping parts for services.

5. Partnerships with specialized suppliers

Over our years as a Texas manufacturing shop, we’ve built long-lasting relationships with specialized suppliers like thyssenkrupp and Online Metals, which provide a wide variety of materials, including aerospace-specific metals like titanium. 

One important lesson we’ve learned is that a reliable heat-treating vendor can make all the difference in aerospace manufacturing. We’ve worked with Centex Lab for many years and trust their heat treatment services for aerospace parts.

High Quality Standards and Compliances

At AMF, we take the term “mission-critical” seriously. Quality and precision are essential for aerospace parts, and we understand that our fabrications will play vital roles in the function of aerospace and space crafts. 

We comply with the major certifications for aerospace to better serve both our direct and second-tier customers:

AS9100 compliant

AS9100 is an aerospace-specific quality standard with unique requirements suited to this mission-critical industry. AS9100 builds off ISO standards, adding guidelines for producing quality aerospace parts.

We are currently AS9100 compliant, and our leadership is considering certification to serve a broader range of aerospace customers. If you have opportunities that require AS9100 certification, please let us know! 

CMMC compliant

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) ensures the protection of sensitive information shared between AMF and our customers. CMMC uses a tiered model that aligns with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity standards.

AMF is committed to protecting government information in the aerospace and defense sectors. Despite significant costs, we maintain CMMC compliance to meet industry-specific security requirements and earn our customers’ trust.

ITAR registered

International Traffic In Arms Regulation (ITAR) compliance is required for companies that “ship or transmit items or technical data that has been designed, developed, adapted, or modified for military use under the United States Munitions List (USML).” 

As an ITAR-registered manufacturer, AMF has protocols in place to handle sensitive and confidential information from our aerospace and defense customers.

Trust AMF For Aerospace Manufacturing

As you can see, there’s a reason aerospace leaders trust our Texas manufacturing shop to fabricate mission-critical parts. 

So, if you’ve been searching for a reliable aerospace manufacturing company, look no further. When you work with All Metals Fabricating, you're in good company—request a quote today.