How We Maintain a Precision Fabrication Order Acceptance Rate of 99%

April 8, 2024

All Metals Fabricating has the most stringent order acceptance criteria of any precision sheet metal fabrication company. If even one part in an order warrants a complaint, we mark the entire order as unaccepted.

Despite these strict standards, our order acceptance rate exceeds 99%.

Here’s our secret: at AMF, quality is more than one department’s responsibility or a box to check. Producing high-quality parts is the responsibility of every employee, which is why we build quality assurance into every step of our process, from quoting to delivery.

6 Ways Our Texas Sheet Metal Shop Fabricates High-Quality Parts

When customers engage with AMF, we strive to deliver unparalleled quality. We consider high-quality parts our main differentiator and understand customers often choose us because they need the best.

Here are six ways we guarantee quality for every precision sheet metal fabrication customer:

1. Checking quality at every step

We implement quality assurance checks at every step of our precision fabrication process. Before production even begins, our engineering team verifies the part follows Design for Manufacturability best practices. We collaborate with the customer and share our manufacturing knowledge to ensure they receive a high-quality, cost-effective part. 

Parts undergo first part inspections after every production stage, whether or not the customer requires them. Machine operators use our InspecVision machine to measure the first part and check it against its flat pattern. Only once the part’s geometry is validated can manufacturing continue.

In the final stages of fabrication, we go the extra mile to verify quality. We also do simple things to help with checking parts like stacking parts using specific techniques that help us check for consistent hole alignment, correct part orientation, and more. 

2. Complying with ISO 9001:2015 standards

ISO 9001:2015 certification is a globally recognized standard for quality management that requires us to assess our manufacturing practices regularly. ISO compliance ensures our quality management systems are both efficient and effective. 

We base our precision fabrication processes on ISO requirements. In addition, we regularly train our employees in ISO standards to emphasize a mindset of quality assurance, both on and off the shop floor.

3. Reframing department relationships

We approach each department as a customer/vendor relationship. Department leads closely examine parts for errors before “buying off” the parts from the previous department.

If a customer rejects an order, we ensure our team takes accountability for the rejection and learns from the mistake by having our quality manager engage with each department that worked on the parts after the mistake was made to help them see how they could have caught the mistake. 

4. Collaborating across departments

Department leads hold weekly meetings with each other to foster teamwork and communication. These meetings encourage a collective team mindset that breaks down communication barriers and encourages problem-solving when quality issues arise.

In addition, we train our employees in multiple departments to ensure familiarity with every step of our manufacturing process. This way, employees can better identify issues before buying off parts.

5. Encouraging employees to self-report

We strive to create a non-punitive culture where employees feel comfortable self-reporting errors. 

We document and investigate internal errors to keep them from happening again, but there are no penalties for informing management about an internal rejection. As a company, we focus on process improvement rather than individual mistakes.

6. Taking care of our employees

We provide an extensive benefits package to our employees, including fully covered health insurance, quarterly bonuses, a 15% 401k match, an annual company hunting trip, and more.

“When we put our employees first, they want to put the company first and represent us well,” says our CEO, Lance Thrailkill. “And by doing so, they’re putting the customer first.”

One of our core values is “Whatever It Takes!” and we hire employees who share that mindset. Every person at AMF will go above and beyond for our company and customers, from a machinist working late to finish an order to a manager helping the shipping team package that order.

Our High Standards, Your Great Expectations

When we set high standards for our precision sheet metal fabrication, our customers’ expectations become even greater. 

Any business owner knows that disappointment comes from misaligned expectations. By setting the bar high, we put ourselves at risk. Why not keep quiet about our high-quality parts and let our customers be pleasantly surprised?

Because that’s not how we do business.

AMF prioritizes quality and trust. We want customers to hold us to the high standards we proclaim. In fact, we rely on your expectations to drive us to improve our quality processes. When a customer complains about an order, we take it seriously and strive never to repeat that mistake. 

(That’s probably why we have so few complaints.)

Let’s set the bar high for your parts, too. Request a quote today.